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Online MarketingTips

Use Live Chat on your site

One of the things we recommend to try is live chat systems. they don’t even cost to use on a monthly basis, we tend to suggest trying the following

TAWK is a free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, you can download an app to your smart phone or tablet or even install an app or program to your computer, then if a client gets stuck and wants to ask a question they can do and you know what page they are on and can respond either from the office or be in a coffee shop and talk to then via the app, it’s easy to set up and easy to use and our existing clients tend to love it.

Not only that when you see all the questions being asked you can then say yes that’s valid I will incorporate that in to the web page as you know some people never ask and just assume you can’t as you never mention it!

Facebook Messenger

Another useful option and it depends on your website and who your audience is?  Always worth knowing your potential clients and what they are happy using rather than go for the shiny new thing as you think it’s cool.  Basically you paste a bit of code into your website footer and facebook chat is enabled, obviously it makes sense to have a dedicated facebook page and then the website visitors is communicating from your website to your facebook app on your phone or desktop and who does not have facebook these days?

So with the right audience facebook could work for you