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Register or transfer domains to cloudflare

For a while now you could register or transfer top level domains into cloudflare, were talking .com .info .org etc but now you can also register or transfer domains and if you have a lot of domains then the cost savings per year can add up!

Plus in our view cloudflare is fantastic

  • in handling the DNS of a domain
  • Providing a better level of security to protect a website
  • Speed up loading times with the various features they have built!

If you have not got an account go create one now, there is no cost in doing so!

Then add your domains to their platform and change the nameservers, they make it really easy to do this, then probably give it a few hours or next day go to

And select transfer domains and it will bring up the list of domains that can be transferred into them. domains are around £4.60 to renew at cloudflare

.com domains are around £7.32 to renew at cloudflare

Though keep in mind they charge you in US dollars so may be a few pence out on the day