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Design a flyer quick

There are plenty of design tools from the favourite photoshop that everyone would say, they actually would need illustrator best and you normally need hours of training or hours of playing around with it as some people calling learning how things work and after you spend hours learning how it works the next stage is can I design something that looks half decent and conveys the right message and finally if I spend all day trying to design something but frustrated it’s not right is that the best use of my time?

If you do have an eye for design and can apply that to creating a nice design then one easy tool to use is with a truly wide range of features and easy to use interface you can soon be making flyers, leaflets, instagram cards and social media images to name a few with a range of free images and the ability upload your own content and edit then if need be purchase stock icons, images and templates etc.

But remember if it takes you all day to design something and that’s a day not earning, when you could have paid someone for to design a quick banner then it’s a false economy to spend all day on that, here’s an example of a Canva design