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Organised and easy-to-manage email campaigns

The people you can rely on most to buy your products and use your services, are the people that have already been convinced to make the decision once before. Once a customer has been obtained, you should maintain contact with them using the contact information they gave you.

Send them newsletters, discount codes and offers via email in order to bring in more sales from customers that trust your brand.

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email marketing


of email marketing

Easily increase repeat business

Really low cost or even free

Easy to measure with traffic stats

Easy to get started and manage


Keep your customers coming back, with an email marketing campaign

There are a number of email marketing tools that are extremely useful, and also easy to manage. Utilise these tools in minimal time and see a huge increase in repeat business and interactions from existing customers. Some of the email marketing tools we like to use include:

Campaign Builder Pro is a complete marketing automation system that allows you to control, manage and monitor your email marketing campaigns in a simple and time-effective manner.

MailChimp is a free email marketing platform that allows you to create fully automated campaigns that continue to interact with your contacts and customers.

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