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How Perky Pear Dominated The Breast Tape Market

Back in 2016, Samantha Ryder took a shot and decided to launch Perky Pear – a brand of breast tape that creates the effect of a breast lift, without the need for surgery.

Whilst it wasn’t the first breast tape on the market, Sammy knew Perky Pear stood a chance against existing competitors, simply because of how well it worked.

“I realised that if nothing on the market was working for me, other women must also be in this frustrating position and something had to change.” – Sammy, CEO & Founder

When Emerge met Perky

When we first talked with Sammy, it was clear that she’d got something really good going.

As an online marketing company, it’s always inspiring to see someone go with their gut and watch it pay off. Especially when that someone is going at it alone and has no professional guidance or past business experience.

Being young and new to the industry, Sammy was learning on the job and working hard to educate herself in online business and brand building.With only so many hours in the day, Perky Pear had gotten to a stage where it was ready to grow.

Sammy knew that if she was going to be hands-on with the business, she needed some background assistance, so she came to us to discuss what we could offer her.

What we did for Perky Pear

For online marketing companies like ours, there’s nothing more exciting than taking on a new business that had a completely fresh slate for us to work on. Here’s what we did…

  • 1. Built a high-performing e-Commerce website

    The first thing our team did for Perky Pear was transfer the e-commerce store from a paid eCommerce platform to a new, custom-built website.

  • 2. Search optimised the website

    We ensured the website was fully optimised for search engines. This included:

    • Speed and performance optimisation
    • Mobile optimisation
    • Keyword optimisation
    • The building of high-quality, relevant backlinks
  • It wasn’t long before the website’s keyword rankings were quickly increasing…

  • 3. Optimised the site for conversion

    A good looking site is useless if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to: make sales. So, we applied everything we knew about website conversion to maximise sales and profits.

    This included things like:

    • Creating upselling and cross-selling systems
    • Creating promotions and discount codes
    • Displaying trust elements on the site, such as logos of accepted payment systems
    • Displaying reviews & celebrity ambassador promotions
    • Shortening the buying process
    • Continuously simplifying the product pages
  • 4. Created & managed online advertising campaigns

    In order to maximise sales, paid advertising was a must. So, we created targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Instagram and Facebook.

    We continue to manage and optimise the ad campaigns in order to continually improve the ROI of the ads over time.

  • 5. Set up email marketing campaigns to generate more business

    The Perky Pear team are in full control of their email marketing, but when the site was set up, we did a few things to increase sales & repeat business:

    • We created automated emails that reached out to customers who had changed their mind at the last minute and left items in their cart.
    • We set up automated email sequences that would re-engage with past customers and invite them back to the site.
  • 6. Set up an Amazon store

    With Amazon being such a popular eCommerce platform, we decided to set up the brand to sell their products throughout Europe.

    We continue to assist the team in further utilising the sales giant, making sales available throughout the rest of the world via Amazon FBA.

  • 7. Did it all over again for the US market

    In 2019, Perky Pear received an offer that made selling in the US a no-brainer. But, in order for it to work properly, we needed to replicate what we had done in the UK.

    So, we did. We:

    • Created a new duplicate site, specifically for US customers. If anyone from the UK visited the site, it would prompt them to go to their local domain and vice versa.
    • Created new ad campaigns in Google AdWords which only targeted people in the US.
    • Carried out keyword-research for the US market and applied it to the above.
    • Assisted in the set up of the US Amazon store

Additional assistance

Whilst online marketing is what we offer, our team also tries to be of use when clients face unexpected day-to-day difficulties.

With Perky Pear, there were numerous hurdles to jump and bridges to cross in order to keep the business running fluently.

Additional things we assisted with include:

  • Identifying and addressing any issues with website hosting
  • Fixing problems with business emails
  • Providing general website security
  • Talking to external support teams when advertising issues arose
  • Communicating with Perky Pear’s other service providers

As well as carrying out work from our end, we also tried to give as much advice as possible and answer any questions Sammy had.

We knew that Instagram was going to be the ideal platform for Perky Pear, so we encouraged Sammy and her team to be as active as possible.

There’s a reason Perky Pear came this far…

As nice as it would be to be able to take credit for Perky Pear’s success, it would be far from the truth…

Whilst we played our part, the drive and commitment shown by Sammy and her team – paired with the success of a product that solved a problem for thousands of girls worldwide and did so far better than any competitor – is what made Perky Pear the huge success it is today.

The #NoStyleOffLimits campaign

In 2020, Perky Pear launched the #NoStyleOffLimits campaign, which saw well-known TV personality Vicky Pattison claim her place as an official ambassador of the brand.

A new television ad is also in the works and is expected to to be shown on ITVbe in the coming months.

A growing brand with a very bright future…

To date, Perky Pear has been featured in countless newspapers and publishers, such as The Manchester Evening News, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star, OK Magazine, The Examiner and many more.

Sammy and the company have been nominated for a number of business awards, and in 2018, Sammy took home the Highly Commended Business Woman Of The Year at the Natwest EVA awards.

With a new platform to stand on following their recent success, the sky is the limit for Perky Pear, and you’re going to be hearing a lot more about them in the near future.

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